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April Distribution Performance Report

April 5, 2022

Earnest Machine is excited to report that we’ve experienced an increase in three out of our four performance metrics for April. Our Parts Accuracy increased by 0.01% and our Quantity Accuracy increased by 0.05%, pushing our Quantity Accuracy metric above our set goal. Not only that, but we are seeing continued improvement and stabilization in regard to both of these metrics.

Additionally, our Order Entry Accuracy has remained consistent over the last six months, and we’ve also experienced a 2.16% increase in our On-Time Delivery. This is encouraging to see as our On-Time Delivery has now experienced a continued upward trend for the past four months.

Overall, this stabilization in Earnest Machine’s performance metrics is great to see, as our team has been hard at work over the past several months to continually create and deliver the best customer service experience possible. Our team’s hard work is paying off and we are looking forward to reporting on and sharing how our performance metrics progress throughout the rest of 2022.

Parts Accuracy: Our Parts Accuracy fell by 0.01% and is coming in at 0.03% below goal.

Individual DC scores:

Austell – 99.89%

Indy – 99.96%

England – 99.80%

EMC – 100.00%

Quantity Accuracy: Our Quantity Accuracy increased by 0.05% and is in line with our set goal.

Individual DC scores: 

Austell – 99.96%

Indy – 99.93%

England – 100.00%

EMC – 100.00%

Order Entry Accuracy: Our Order Entry Accuracy remained consistent between March and April.

On-Time Delivery: Our On-Time Delivery improved by 2.16% and is coming in at 7.59% below goal.

On-Time Delivery – 89.16%

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