Building a blanket purchase agreement

Your operation is firing on all cylinders. Orders are rolling in. You can’t believe the surge in demand. Then you realize a critical path in your supply chain has broken. Bringing everything to a screeching halt. The fasteners you need are out of stock.

Failing to plan for supply chain shortages, stock outs, and inventory shortages exposes you to risk. Not just the risk of lost sales, worse yet, opening the door to your competition swooping in and stealing the order. Fortunately, there’s a secret weapon to guard against stock outs and shortages that many distributors forget exists.

A blanket purchase agreement cuts right through all of it, affording peace-of-mind and guaranteeing the fasteners you use most will be available, when you need them, at the price you are quoting your customer.

Blanket purchase agreements are often overlooked, underutilized, and one of the most effective solutions to avoid supply chain shortages, materials risk, or having to tell your customers, “Sorry, we’re out of stock.”

Want to add some certainty to your supply chain?

Download the Earnest Machine “Building a blanket purchase agreement” to learn if a blanket purchase agreement is right for you. 

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