February Distribution Performance Report

Earnest Machine experienced a minor decrease in only one of our four performance metrics in February. Our Quantity Accuracy metric fell by 0.07% and is coming in at 0.04% below goal. However, our On Time Delivery continues to trend upwards with an increase of 1.11%, making this metric one that has seen two consecutive months of improvement. Lastly, both our Part Accuracy and Order Entry Accuracy remained consistent between January to February.

Part Accuracy: Our Part Accuracy remained consistent between January and February. 

Individual DC scores: 

Austell – 99.90%

Indy – 99.98%

England – 99.81%

EMC – 99.54%

Quantity Accuracy: Our Quantity Accuracy fell by 0.07% and is coming in at 0.04% below goal. 

Individual DC scores: 

Austell – 99.94%

Indy – 99.84%  

England – 100.00%

EMC – 100.00%

Order Entry: Our Order Entry metric remained consistent between January and February. 

On Time Delivery: Our On Time Delivery improved by 1.11% and is coming in at 10.74% below goal.

On Time Delivery – 86.01%

Austell – 85.02%

Indy – 87.22%

Service Guarantees: Twenty-three service guarantees were issued in February for a total of $1,150.00

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