January Distribution Performance Report

Earnest Machine experienced a minor decrease in two out of our four performance metrics in January. While both our Part Accuracy and Order Entry Accuracy dropped only a few hundredths of a percentage, our Quantity Accuracy remained consistent from December, 2021 to January, 2022. Lastly, our On Time Delivery metric saw an increase of 3.98% and is trending in a positive direction towards our set goal of 96.75%

If you would like to learn more about the supply chain challenges the industry is currently facing, be sure to check out our latest Supply Chain Update to get the latest news on TPEB (Asia to North America), FEWB (Asia to Europe), and the TAWB (Europe to North America) trade lanes. Our Supply Chain Update also discusses the state of trucking globally, the global price of steel wire rod, and so much more!

Part Accuracy: Our Part Accuracy metric fell by 0.06% and is coming in at 0.03% below goal. 

Individual DC scores: 

Austell – 99.84%

Indy – 100.00%

England – 100.00%

EMC – 100.00%

Quantity Accuracy: Our Quantity Accuracy remained consistent between December and January.  

Individual DC scores: 

Austell – 99.96%

Indy – 99.98%  

England – 100.00%

EMC – 100.00%

Order Entry: Our Order Entry metric fell by 0.02% and is coming in at 0.05% below goal.

On Time Delivery: Our On Time Delivery improved by 3.98% and is coming in at 11.85% below goal.

On Time Delivery – 84.90%

Austell – 84.04%

Indy – 85.81%

Service Guarantees: Twenty service guarantees were issued in January for a total of $1,000.00

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