March Perfomrance Metrics

March Distribution Performance Report

April 5, 2022

Earnest Machine is pleased to announce that our On Time Delivery improved by 0.99% in March. This is excellent to see as this metric has now experienced three months of continuous improvement. Not only that, but both our Quantity Accuracy and Order Entry Accuracy held steady and experienced no change when comparing performance metrics from February to March. And, even though our Part Accuracy experienced a minor decrease of 0.01%, our team is still excited to see the gains we’ve made within the past month and continues to work harder than ever to create great experiences for our customers. 

Additionally, if you would like information regarding supply chain challenges the industry is currently facing, be sure to check our out latest Supply Chain Update to get the latest news on parcel freight rates; the lockdown in Shenzhen, China; fuel price increases; trade lane health; steel prices; and so much more. 

Part Accuracy: Our Part Accuracy fell by 0.01% and is coming in at 0.04% below goal.

Individual DC scores:

Austell – 99.83%

Indy – 99.98%

England – 100.00%

EMC – 100.00%

Quantity Accuracy: Our Quantity Accuracy Remained Consistent Between February and March.

Individual DC scores: 

Austell – 99.88%

Indy – 99.90%

England – 100.00%

EMC – 100.00%

Order Entry Accuracy: Our Order Entry Accuracy Remained Consistent Between February and March.

On Time Delivery: Our On Time Delivery improved by 0.99% and is coming in at 9.75% below goal.

On Time Delivery – 87.00%

Service Guarantees: Twenty-nine service guarantees were issued in March for a total of $1,450.00

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