November Distribution Performance Report

Earnest Machine experienced an increase in three out of our four performance metrics in November. Even though our Part Accuracy metric dropped 0.04%, we did experience a 0.17% increase in our Order Entry metric, a 0.02% increase in our Quantity Accuracy metric, and a 1.93% increase in our On Time Delivery metric.

However, even though we did see an increase in our On Time Delivery, this metric continues to be a challenge. While we are starting to see product arrive at our docks, there are still a few supply chain issues and delays that are beyond our control. We continue to strive for the best possible customer experience by working through these challenges with suppliers and freight forwarders. At the same time, we have begun to look at what we can control; the management of line items that are in stock as well as providing product knowledge training to our growing Sales Team

If you or your customers would like information regarding the supply chain challenges the industry is currently facing, be sure to check out our recent Supply Chain Update to get the latest news on capacity constraints inland, trucking shortages, pain points at the ports, and how Earnest Machine is helping our customers overcome these supply chain disruptions

Part Accuracy: Our Part Accuracy metric fell by 0.04% and is coming in at 0.04% below goal. 

Individual DC scores: 

Austell – 99.82%

Indy – 100.00%

England – 100.00%

EMC – 100.00%

Quantity Accuracy: Our Quantity Accuracy improved by 0.02% and is coming in at 0.01% above goal. 

Individual DC scores: 

Austell – 99.92%

Indy – 100.00% 

England – 100.00%

EMC – 99.73%

Order Entry: Our Order Entry metric improved by 0.17% and is coming in at 0.06% below goal.

On Time Delivery: Our On Time Delivery improved 1.93% and is coming in at 12.61% below goal.

On Time Delivery – 84.14%

Austell – 83.14%

Indy – 85.25%

Service Guarantees: Twenty-one service guarantees were issued in October for a total of $1,050

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