Slotted to allow
for easy cotter pin

Slotted Hex Nuts

Earnest Machine stocks Slotted Hex Nuts in sizes ranging from 1/4 to 3 inches in diameter and offers Slotted Hex Nuts in a wide variety of grades and finishes to choose from. 

What is a Slotted Hex Nut?

Watch the video to learn more about the features and benefits of slotted hex nuts. 


Slotted Body

Slotted Hex Nuts feature six slotted sides to allow a cotter pin to freely pass through its body.

This style of fastener is also designed to be used with a bolt, screw, or stud that has received a hole drilled through its threads. 

Locking Action Capabilities

Once the Slotted Hex Nut has been tightened, a cotter pin is then inserted through one of the open slots on the Hex Nut, and through the drilled hole on the bolt, screw, or stud. 

This is done to lock the assembly in place and prevent the nut from spinning free or loosening within its application. 

Slotted Hex Nuts Vs. Castle Nuts

Slotted Hex Nuts are commonly confused with Castle Nuts, which feature a slotted collar that offers a smaller surface area around its six open sides. 

This smaller surface area allows for a cotter pin to be wrapped around the Castle Nut to achieve a tighter more compact assembly. 

Alternative names for this product

Slotted Hex Nuts can sometimes be referred to as:

Castle Nut
Spindle Nut
Slotted Nut

Slotted Hex Nut Applications

Heavy Truck Assemblies
Diesel Engine Assemblies 
Construction Equipment

Slotted Hex Nut Sizes & Finishes

Earnest Machine stocks Slotted Hex Nuts Bolts in sizes ranging from 1/4 to 3 inches in diameter in a wide range of grades and finishes to choose from. 

Grade 8 Slotted Hex Nuts
Grade 5 Slotted Hex Nuts
Grade 2/Carbon Steel Slotted Hex Nuts

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